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We warmly welcome you to this mini course on social media in environmental communication!
As a typical participant, you have undertaken a communication training with the Eestimaa Looduse Fond (ELF) and this is the last part of the training. But even if you have not participated in the training, feel free to go on this little learning journey with us!


Watch this short video of the instructors of this course, Anya and Kathrin, introducing themselves so that you know the hearts and hands behind this course! 
We are volunteers in ELF's project "NaturallyEst LIFE - piloting Natura 2000 communication in Estonia", which is funded by EU LIFE Programme, and worked together with ELF to bring this course to you.



This course is divided into three modules that build on each other, and ends with an activity where you can put your learning into practice. Have a look at the descriptions below, as this will also give you an idea on where to start!

The modules in general are short and, in a lively and interactive form, summarise information that might be useful for you. There are many hyperlinks, just like this one, in the modules, that will take you to sources containing more information when you click on them.


This module gives you a comprehensive overview of the three biggest social media platforms and some of the ways in which they are working. If you are rather new to twitter, instagram, and/or facebook, take a look at this module! If you are thinking "Oh I know how all of these work already", feel free to go straight to Module 2

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Module 2 will give you some ideas on how you can use social media more effectively to reach more people and communicate with others about environmental and conservation topics. You will find out how popularity on social media works and how you can increase your outreach so that more people see your posts.

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Most of the time, you don't only want people to see your post - you also want them to engage with the post, think about it, and communicate about it with others. This module will give you some ideas on what you can do and how to use some of the features of social media platforms to achieve this.

If you are very experienced in social media and this all seems very basic to you, we recommend you to undertake our optional module on humour in environmental communication - we hope that this will give you some new ideas to experiment with :)

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Here you will find instructions for the interactive part of the course where you can put your learning into practice. Enjoy!

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We hope you will enjoy this course!  Thank you for going on this learning journey with us!


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